Iman Salehinia, PhD

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Northern Illinois University




3041 ERF



Computational/theoretical multiscale computer modeling provides a strong basis for understanding the deformation mechanisms, and behavior of materials across length scales. Furthermore, experimental data are used to calibrate these computer models through extensive verifications of the simulation results and to guide them in a way that leads to tangible applications. In this talk I will go over the application of molecular dynamics simulations for understanding the underlying the physics/mechanics of ceramic/metal (CerMet) nano-laminates under mechanical loading. Interface characteristics in nano-scale are reported for two representative CerMet nano-laminates, i.e. NbC/Nb and TiN/Ti. The effect of interface on the deformation mechanisms will also be discussed. The talk will end with the report on the diffusion behavior of corrosive elements in NbC single crystal in the presence of defects such as vacancies and pores.


Dr. Iman Salehinia is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Northern Illinois University (NIU), since August 2015. Dr. Salehinia has received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Washington State University in 2013. He then started working as research associate in the Computational Mechanics and Materials Science (CMMS) Laboratory at WSU and continued as clinical assistant professor at the same university. Dr. Salehinia has been active in teaching and research in the areas of computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer modeling of conventional and advanced manufacturing processes, and multiscale modeling of the mechanical and physical behavior of nano-structures and nano-materials including nano-composites, clay aggregates, and carbon nano-structures, to name a few. In particular, Dr. Salehinia is interested in the materials design for targeted mechanical/physical functionalities such as high strength, high ductility, and improved properties at extreme conditions.