Denis Cormier, PhD

Additive Manufacturing and Multifunctional Printing (AMPrint) Center, Rochester Institute of Technology




1043 ERF


3D printing has historically been used to produce mechanical parts. However, the potential exists to 3D print multiple materials that serve mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical, magnetic, chemical or other functions. Despite the conceptual appeal of multifunctional 3D printing from an engineering design standpoint, blending polymers, metals, ceramics, and other materials within a part is not trivial. This talk will quickly highlight multifunctional printing technologies. The design of materials for compatibility with both the printing process and other materials will then be discussed along with results from selected multi-functional printing applications.

Denis Cormier directs the Additive Manufacturing and Multifunctional Printing (AMPrint) Center at Rochester Institute of Technology where he also holds the title of Earl W. Brinkman Professor. He has worked in the area of additive manufacturing and 3D printing for over 20 years. Most recently, his research has focused on multi-functional additive manufacturing in which materials serving mechanical, electrical, optical, thermal, or other functions are incorporated into components. He is a founding member of ASTM’s F-42 additive manufacturing standards group, and he is a long-time organizing committee member for SME’s RAPID conference and exhibition. He also serves on the editorial advisory boards for several journals including the Rapid Prototyping Journal, the International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing, and Additive Manufacturing.
Host: Dr. Yayue Pan
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