The University of Illinois at Chicago has participated in a significant number of intelligent transportation systems initiatives in the last decade. Beginning with ADVANCE, a vehicle navigation project led by the Illinois Department of Transportation, and continuing with ongoing initiatives to provide systems engineering support for the development of Traffic Management Centers in Northeastern Illinois, the University has played an active role in intelligent transportation systems research and design.

Recently Professor Farid M. Amirouche of the College of Engineering initiated a joint effort with the University of California at Berkeley to perform an analysis and estimate system benefits for two vehicle highway automation systems projects dealing with the specific needs of the Chicago area. Working with the Chicago Area Transportation Study, Professor Amirouche will be leading an effort to develop assessments of the potential for an automated bus rapid transit circulator system for the central area of the city of Chicago and also for an automated intermodal freight interchange system connecting the multimodal rail freight hubs located in the city of Chicago and its suburbs. Each of these projects have been considered in the past as possible solutions to some of the areas critical transportation deficiencies. Dr. Amirouche will focus on the potential of using a vehicle highway automation technology applications as part of an implementation strategy. The study will include concept definition, roadway and vehicle requirements, preliminary design, operations, and costs. It will also include an initial benefit/cost analysis to assess the potential for deployment.

This effort will be guided by Stakeholder Advisory Committee made up of all regional key and state transportation interests who will be affected by these potential projects. The technical assessment will use the latest analysis and estimation procedures developed by the University of California. The contract between the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) and Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways (PATH)and a subcontract with the University of Illinois at Chicago for this work has been executed, and PATH is preparing to start work.


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