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Professor Sabri Cetin has been awarded two new patents in 2001-2002.

United States Patent 6,330,502 was granted on December 11, 2001. The title is “Method and system for selecting desired response of an electronic-controlled sub-system.”

A method and system for altering operating behavior of a sub-system component of a machine to suit a user’s preference includes a database for storing a plurality of parameters associated with the operating behavior of the sub-system component. The parameters have sets of values associated therewith wherein each set of values define one of a plurality of acceptable operating behaviors for the sub-system component. A sub-system controller receives a selection signal from the operator via a user interface selecting one of the set of values of the parameters according to his/her preference. The sub-system controller then controls the sub-system component based on the selected set of values for the parameters.

Inventors are Cetin, Chen, Egelja, Ingram, Muller, and Pinsopon. The Assignee is Caterpillar Inc.

United States Patent 6,371,214 was granted on April 16, 2002 entitled “Methods for automating work machine functions.”

A control system implements several methods for automating work functions of a machine. Single activation of an operator switch generates a command to automatically perform a desired work function. A controller determines whether conditions are satisfactory to perform the desired function. When the conditions are satisfactory, the work function is performed automatically without requiring the operator to manipulate levers that are otherwise used to control the work implement of the machine.

Inventors are Anwar; Sohel, Cetin, Chen, Ingram, and Pinsopon. Assignee is Caterpillar Inc.


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