Jun 12 2019

Research Presentation: Ali Tamayol, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

June 12, 2019

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


1043 ERF, Chicago, IL 60612

Micro and nanoscale technologies have changed the practices in multidisciplinary research areas such as tissue engineering and biomedical sciences. These technologies have merged with advanced materials to enable engineering constructs, which mimic the biochemical, topographical, and physical features of the native tissues. In addition, microfabrication technologies have enabled scientists to mimic the complexity of the native tissues through controlling cell-cell and cell-microenvironment interactions. In the last decade, fiber-based techniques such as weaving, knitting, braiding, and 3D printing have emerged as promising platforms in biomedical engineering to precisely control cellular distribution as well as physical properties of the engineered tissue constructs. Personalization of care and therapies is another area that potentially will revolutionize many of the clinical practices. Recent advancements in soft electronics and MEMS has enabled the realization of multifunctional and automated platforms. During this presentation, I will highlight our research progresses in developing solutions for the treatment of volumetric muscle and bone loss. I will also discuss our research in the area of wound and skin care. The presented microengineered platforms will have broad applications in the fields of tissue engineering, drug delivery, and personalized therapies.


Kenneth Brezinsky

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Apr 3, 2019

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Apr 3, 2019