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Nov 2 2021

Societal Impact Applications of Additive and Hybrid Manufacturing Processes

MIE Department Seminar

November 2, 2021

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


ERF 1043 or online via Zoom at


842 W. Taylor St., ERF 1043, Chicago, IL 60607

Societal Impact Applications of Additive and Hybrid Manufacturing Processes

Location: ERF 1043 or online via Zoom at
Meeting ID: 837 4146 9872
Passcode: RPuW8Sru

Presenter: Iris V. Rivero, PhD, Rochester Institute of Technology

Abstract: Additive manufacturing (AM) and hybrid manufacturing processes have gained attention in production settings for the flexibility that these techniques bring to the efficient generation of three-dimensional objects. In particular, the ease of generation of contoured and customized geometries lend these technologies to idealizing their incorporation into sustainable engineering practices and medical applications. Therefore, during this presentation, we will explore the adaptation of AM and hybrid manufacturing processes to these applications with societal impact. Discussion will be tailored to highlight the capabilities and constraints that hybrid manufacturing (combining additive and subtractive techniques) present in support of sustainable engineering practices through analysis of the repair of large (and/or legacy) metal components. While assessment of the potential of AM to be tailored for personalized bedside medical applications will focus on adapting these technologies’ production rates without sacrificing the repeatability of geometrical designs. At the end, it is expected that discussion of these research endeavors demonstrate the potential for designing AM and hybrid manufacturing processes to prominently and positively impact society.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Iris V. Rivero is the Kate Gleason Professor and Department Head of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). She also directs the iMED Lab (Interdisciplinary Manufacturing Engineering and Design). She received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering from Penn State University. Prior to RIT, she was at Iowa State University where she served as Director of Graduate Education and Associate Chair. Rivero initiated her career at Texas Tech University where she still holds an Adjunct Associate Professor position with the Department of Surgery of the Health Sciences Center. Her research expertise includes additive and hybrid manufacturing processes, design of additive manufacturing alloys, and biomanufacturing. She has industrial experience in the fields of advanced manufacturing systems and materials at Detroit Diesel Corporation and Honeywell Engines & Systems. In addition, she participated as a faculty fellow at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. She is a senior member and fellow of The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers.



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Oct 26, 2021

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Oct 30, 2021