Post-Graduation Outcomes

The strength of a UIC graduate education is demonstrated by our students’ success after graduation. Open the panels below to see a selection of the companies, agencies, and universities that represented their first destinations after UIC.

Meet our MS and PhD alumni

What is life after UIC like for MIE graduate alumni? Find out below.

Patrick Comiskey

Patrick Comiskey

PhD in Mechanical Engineering ’19

Present position: Associate at Exponent

What does your workday look like? I work in the vehicle engineering division as a technical specialist for vehicle design and failure analysis. I use my specialization in dynamic systems and fluid mechanics to solve issues ranging from system design to catastrophic failures. My day-to-day tasks might include the engineering analysis of dynamic systems, client relations, and on-site inspections tearing down pieces of equipment.

What impact will your work have? By analyzing and understanding catastrophic failures, I hope my work will help industry design better machines such that those failures do not happen again.

Why did you choose UIC? I chose UIC because of the type of research that the engineering professors are doing and the university’s commitment to diversity. I think a diverse learning environment helps you grow much faster than a homogeneous one.

Favorite course: Transport Phenomena with Dr. Yarin

Engineering-industry person you admire most (and why): Neil Armstrong, for the obvious reasons.

Words of wisdom: Trying to balance your research tasks, coursework, and a social life is going to be overwhelming at first, but if you focus on one task at a time and relentlessly pursue it until completion, you’ll eventually get everything you wanted—and more—done. Just do one thing at a time.

Anand Narayanan


MS in Industrial Engineering ’16

Present position: Senior Manufacturing Equipment Engineer at Tesla

What’s great about your job? It’s satisfying to be a part of an organization that is pioneering the transition to sustainable energy. Tesla is a fast-paced environment, and I’m always challenged here. I also love the ability to learn and evolve as an individual and as a member of a team.

How did UIC prepare you for your career? I got exposure to the latest production practices in process, operations, and ergonomics, which helped me to understand best practices in those areas.

What was the most valuable student organization you joined, and why? IISE  because it helped me in gaining knowledge and a green belt certification in lean manufacturing.

Favorite course: IE 463 Plant Layout and Materials Handling


David Alstrom

MS in Mechanical Engineering ’02

Present position: Vice President of Hub North at Volvo Construction Equipment (part of the Volvo Group)

What’s great about your job? The people and passion in the construction equipment business.

How do you hope your work will create positive change in the world? By being part of developing sustainable solutions for our customers.

How did UIC prepare you for your career? It helped me hone my skills in analytical thinking, gave me an understanding of cross functional technology, and also provided a diverse environment to help me practice interacting will all kinds of people.

Would you recommend the College of Engineering to new applicants? Yes, for a multicultural experience and the close collaboration with industry.

Jasen Nava-Massey


MS in Mechanical Engineering ’15

Present position: Principal and founder at NM Engineering LLC

What’s great about your job? The ability to be involved in many projects, covering many facets of the medical device engineering space.

Student organizations you were a part of: Engineering Design Team (EDT), ASME

What was the most valuable student organization you joined, and why? Engineering Design Team (EDT). I was a general member my first year and moved quickly to President during my second year. It helped provide exposure to various facets in engineering, as well as lay the foundation for operating at a leadership role.

Engineering-industry person you admire most: Nikola Tesla. He targeted to revolutionize the physics and engineering space by leveraging his creativity and desire to do good.

Coolest thing you’ve done in the past year: I’ve been able to intimately be involved in the sensing and management of Type 1 Diabetes through various companies. It has been humbling to empathize with those suffering from T1D and try to help normalize their daily activities.