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Master’s Programs

Cover of MIE master's overview booklet

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering offers master’s programs that are designed to serve a broad range of student needs and career objectives in the field. Many students complete these programs and move directly into higher-level jobs in industry and government agencies, while others use the degree as a springboard to doctoral-level study in mechanical or industrial engineering.

In the last five years, UIC has graduated 371 students with an MS in mechanical engineering, 229 with an MS in industrial engineering, and 119 with a master of energy engineering.

Get acquainted with these programs in our master’s degree overview booklet (PDF).

UIC MIE offers three master's degree programs: Heading link

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

    A 36-credit program with both thesis and coursework-only options. Learn more in the graduate catalog.

  • Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

    A 36-credit program with both thesis and coursework-only options. Learn more on the graduate catalog.

  • Master of Energy Engineering

    A non-thesis master’s program focusing on energy use in buildings and power generation. Learn more on the graduate catalog.

MIE master's students and alumni in their own words Heading link


Krishnadevi Shetty ’20
MS in Industrial Engineering

Amazon (through Populus Group)
Quality Assurance Engineer

What are some of your day-to-day tasks? Non-conformity investigations, corrective and preventive actions, standard operating procedures, process improvement, and data analysis.

What was your favorite course? IE 345 Regression Applications and Forecasting in Engineering.

Favorite thing about the mechanical and industrial engineering department? Professors were very supportive of us, even after graduating. Assistant Professor Heejin Jeong supported me by providing me with a volunteering opportunity after I graduated.

One-sentence “Words of wisdom” to share with students: Change is the only constant in any industry, and continuous improvement is essential everywhere to grow—not only in your work and workplace, but within yourself, too!


Alexander Bulger ’21
MS in Mechanical Engineering

Automation and Controls Engineer

How (and why) did you choose your faculty advisor? I chose Dr. Jeremiah Abiade as my graduate advisor from my experience with him as an undergraduate in ME 250 Intro to Engineering Design and Graphics. He is very helpful with any questions I ask, and I found his research interesting. I work in his lab, LORE, on pulse laser deposition.

How did UIC prepare you for your future goals? UIC helped me by providing diverse experiences while I obtained my engineering degree. I was a teaching assistant for eight semesters in ME 250, helping students learn the fundamentals of engineering design. I joined the Society of Automotive Engineers and VESE and got to learn hands-on engineering. I also did undergraduate and graduate research, which was extremely exciting. I don’t think I could’ve been exposed to such an array of different experiences anywhere else.

The best trip/vacation you’ve ever taken, and why: I took a trip to Northern Ireland and played Chip and Putt near the Cliffs.

The snack that powered you up to get through exams: Cliff Bar (brownie or mint).

Favorite restaurant in Chicago, and why: YUZU, best sushi in the city. Fantastic presentation and unique selection of rolls.