MIE offering tuition waiver for our recently graduated alumni to join our MS programs

MIE offering tuition waiver for our recently graduated alumni to join our MS programs

The MIE Department has been approved by the university to offer our recently graduated alumni (fall 2019 and spring 2020) to join our Master’s in Mechanical Engineering (ME), Industrial Engineering (IE), or Energy Engineering (MEE) with significantly reduced costs by offering a tuition waiver up to the amount of $5935 for fall 2020. Our goal is to help support your ability to obtain an advanced degree while job markets remain insecure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The total waiver amount will depend on the number of credit hours registered in the fall term. The waiver amount is $1,978 for one to five credit hours, $3957 for six to 11 credit hours, and $5935 for 12 credit hours (equivalent to three MIE graduate courses).

For alumni that are in-state residents, this means that you can get a full base tuition waiver for fall 2020!

All students will be responsible for paying the engineering tuition differential, which is based on the MIE MS program, and university assessed fees in fall 2020. After the fall semester, you will be responsible for full tuition (based on your residency, e.g. in-state or international), tuition differential, and university fees after your first semester.

The course-only option for the ME and IE degrees requires nine courses to graduate. Students may take a maximum of three graduate courses per semester, and students can complete their degree in a minimum of three semesters if they desire. The MEE program requires completion of eight courses, and students typically take three courses in their first two semesters and two courses in their last semester. You can obtain more information on the ME, IE and MEE requirements at https://mie.uic.edu/graduate/masters-programs/ and https://energyengineering.uic.edu/ respectively.

The deadline to apply to the MS MIE graduate programs has been extended to July 1, 2020 allow our alumni to apply for this new opportunity.