Photo of Megaridis, Constantine M.

Constantine M. Megaridis, PhD

UIC Distinguished Professor

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Building & Room:

Office: 3035 ERF Lab Location: 1064 ERF


2039 ERF, 842 W. Taylor Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607

Office Phone Voice:

(312) 996-3436


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Research Interests

Experimental diagnostics in micro/nanoscale systems

Fluid/particle intercalation in nanotubes/nanofibers

Multifunctional polymer composite coatings


Electromagnetic interference shielding

Multiphase heat and mass transfer

Nanoparticle colloidal suspensions

Droplet and spray technologies, Micro/Nanofluidics

Selected Publications

  1. P. R. Jones, X. Hao, E. R. Cruz-Chu, K. Rykaczewski, K. Nandy, T. M. Schutzius, K. K. Varanasi, C. M. Megaridis, J. H. Walther, P. Koumoutsakos, H. D. Espinosa and N. A. Patankar, “Sustaining Dry surfaces under Water,” Scientific Reports 5, 12311, 2015.

  2. S. Gart, J. E. Mates, C. M. Megaridis and S. Jung, “Droplet Impacting a Cantilever: A Leaf-Raindrop System,” Physical Review Applied 3, 044019, 2015.

  3. A. Das, M. Raffi, C. M. Megaridis, D. Fragouli, C. Innocenti and A. Athanassiou, “Magnetite (Fe3O4)-filled Carbon Nanofibers as Electro-conducting/Superparamagnetic Nanohybrids and their Multifunctional Polymer Composites,” J. Nanoparticle Research 17, 1, 2015.

  4. J. E. Mates, I. S Bayer, M. Salerno, P. J. Carroll, Z. Jiang, L. Liu and C. M. Megaridis, “Durable and Flexible Graphene Composites Based on Artists’ Paint for Conductive Paper Applications,” Carbon 87, 163-174, 2015.

  5. D. Attinger, C. Frankiewicz, A. Betz, T. M. Schutzius, R. Ganguly, A. Das, C.-J. Kim and C. M. Megaridis, “Surface Engineering for Phase Change Heat Transfer: A Review,” MRS Energy & Sustainability 1, 2014

Notable Honors

2018, Distinguished Professor, UIC

2012, Scholar Award, University of Illinois


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Brown University, 1987

M.S., Applied Mathematics, Brown University, 1986

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University, Athens, Greece, 1982