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Photo of France, David M.

David M. France, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Building & Room:

2025 ERF


842 West Taylor Street, MC 251, Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 996-2375


Research Interests

Dr. France’s research for the past 25 years has been in the area of heat transfer in fluids with a specialization to multi-phase fluids. His work has been both experimental and analytical with emphasis on the former. He has published extensively the results of his research in heat transfer to single-phase fluids, boiling and condensing two-phase flows, particle-gas flows, and ice-water slurry flows. Dr. France’s research includes enhanced heat transfer where he has performed extensive studies over several years in the area of swirl flow enhancement especially for post-CHF flow boiling. He has been part of a collaborative research team pioneering work in the area of heat transfer; two-phase flows in small (1 mm) passages for application in compact heat exchangers. Additionally, his work has involved experimentation with high pressure (16 MPa, 2300 psi) steam-water flows with application to the electric power industry, large industrial boilers, and steam generators. He has performed experimental studies with liquid metals, refrigerants, suspensions of solid particles in gases, and ice-water slurries. Current studies in the Boiling Heat Transfer Laboratory at UIC include enhanced heat transfer to forced convective boiling of refrigerants flowing inside of tubes.


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
University of California, Berkeley, 1969

M.S., Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University, 1966

B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Washington University, 1965